Class 7I is waiting for your reports, Alice and Cal.

Montag, 02.06.2014


This is us, class 7 I.

New Foundland and Labrador: On Your Mark, Get Set....

Sonntag, 18.05.2014

Hello from the “Rock”, the real nickname of Newfoundland and Labrador, which is our first destination on our road trip through Canada. And you will join us for the next three weeks. How exciting!

Did you know that the farthest eastern point of North America, Cape Spear, is here? And we were there!

But the most fantastic destination today was the Capital St. John’s, the oldest city of Canada. Not as old as Wismar but almost 500 years old. A few years ago, St. John’s was very famous for Cod fishing, whereas today it is almost gone. That's why we couldn’t have fish here at lunchtime.

(Instead we tried a tongue twister: “Fresh fried fish, fish fresh fried, fried fish fresh, fish fried fresh.")

After all that Canadian history I have to tell you about the awesome nature of Newfoundland. First of all, we saw a puffin, the state bird. Afterwards we met a moose on the highway, which weighs as much as three refrigerators. But most fascinating was the pitcher plant. A plant that eats insects!! Also, it is the official flower of Newfoundland and Labrador. Isn’t that scary?

I hope you enjoyed reading our blog today. Grandma is waiting in the car. She is ready to move on to Nova Scotia… I can’t wait 

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Get ready, Canada. We're coming...

Sonntag, 18.05.2014

I'm Alice, 13 years old, reporting from the backseat of the car. I'm writing this blog on Gran's netbook. My cousin Cal is sitting up front because he gets carsick. He's 12. Every now and then, Cal will write the reports, too. The roadtrip is Gran's idea. She says she wants to do a road trip with her grandkids before she's old and creaky.

We'll be starting in St. John's, the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador. The plan is to drive through every province and territory in Canada, camping along the way. We'll visit every capital city, find out about the history and the nature of each province. Also, Gran says, there will be surprises on this trip.

So, before you will join us on our road trip, prepare yourself class 7.1:

Find out about Canada!! Where would you like to go? Choose two provinces from your map and write a comment. Why would you like to go there?